Enjoy the Ride

words by Jason Purdy

music by Yan Li

There's always a new adventure to be had when Curtis and Balthazar put on their goggles and jump into their special car. But sinister forces conspire to tear them apart and put an end to their madcap hijinks. Together, they must hold on to what makes their partnership so magical because there's so much to see, and only they can decide when the ride is over.

1 act (30 minutes), cast of 8

Conceived and developed at Prospect Theater Company's

Musical Theatre Lab

The power of imagination is something Jason and I always come back to in our pieces. This Calvin-and-Hobbes-esque story of two retirees with insatiable wonderlust is one of those. There aren't enough musicals where seniors are gerrymandered into becoming components of a singing, flying car. It really only happens in this show and Parade.

But What Does It Sound Like?

Like sneaking into a second movie after walking out of the first one.


Prospect Theater Company production

(April 2014)


Barrington Stage performance
starring Andre Goddard, Amy Weintraub, Emily Reeves,
Jamal Christopher Douglas, Shelby Davis, & Futaba Shioda
directed by Dee Mohale

Feel like I'm always knowing-what-to-do-with-one-arm away from looking cool.

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