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Made In China

music and lyrics by Yan Li

book and puppetry by the

Wakka Wakka Ensemble

Mary, a lonely divorcee living by herself, finds a mysterious note from a Chinese factory worker asking to be rescued from horrible working conditions. She and her Chinese neighbour, Eddie, embark on a grand adventure through busy Chinese streets, bamboo forests, and a deranged sweatshop on their quest to get to the bottom of things.

1 act (95 minutes), cast of 7 puppeteers/singers

Conceived by Wakka Wakka Productions and developed with Figurteateret, Dartmouth College, and the O'Neill Center

New York Times Critic's Pick

my mom's Critic's Pick (runner up)

Wakka Wakka had the idea of exploring the many contradictions of China- its wealth and poverty, its history and love for the new, its innovation and traditional values, and most importantly, its endlessly expressive arts and its censorship- through a puppetry extravaganza with dragons, talking appliances, and Ai Wei Wei. Based on a true story of a woman finding a note after shopping at Wal Mart, Made In China aims to thrill and terrify. Also naked puppets.

But What Does It Sound Like?

Like your estranged grandmother pinching your cheeks really hard when she sees you for the first time in a decade, and then the rage intensifies in her pinching hand...


They're coming. Calm down.


Today is my last day playing Made In China. The show runs for 2 more weeks with recorded tracks but
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