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Music Direction, Coaching, Accompanying,
Recording, Copywork & Transcription, Ethnic Entourage
Catching a candid moment

Like the subtitle says, I'm available for all of these things. I can help you learn songs and record parts, transpose and transcribe music, talk you through audition prep, and be a helpful extra pair of ears if you're hesitant about embarking on that solo spoken word career.

In addition to piano, I play the accordion, mallet percussion, harmonica, and am strong enough to wield the low bells in an all-retiree hand bell choir (fact)

Software I use: Finale (am hella fast with it), Logic, Garageband, Mainstage, Audacity, Noteworthy, good ol' paper (Christian values)

Email me for specific rates. Look, money isn't everything. But who are we kidding? It's a lot of things. Let's just say I'll do a good enough job for you that you think you're using quilted napkins but only shelled out for kleenex. Hit me up and let's make it happen, Cap'n!

p.s. if you're looking to hire me for your ethnic entourage, please contact my diversity agent Kwan Hernandez at KL5 7300.


"Yan doesn't beat around the bush. He tells you exactly what you need to hear to make you better than the day you were born."

-a person

"He said 'stop sucking', so I stopped. Everything changed after that."

-a different person

"I honestly think Yan is about the worst person to do anything with."

-a third person for fairness and balance

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