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words by Jason Purdy
music by Yan Li

Sweet Nothings

Lifelong friends Cassandra and Aaron engage in a nightly blood-letting ritual that they believe cleanses their town of evil. When Sam, a radio personality, comes to town to interview Cassandra for his show, Cassandra finds her faith in the ritual shaken by the misfortunes that are still happening in the world. In an attempt to overcome her doubts and fears, she and Aaron descend into a cycle of torture and good intentions.

1 act (100 minutes), cast of 8

conceived at the NYU Graduate Musical Theatre Writing Program

contains voluminous amounts of blood, and other things

Who doesn't like a horror, right? Jason Purdy and I were really keen to write a show that was genuinely terrifying; something that would make an audience squirm and cringe. This is one of those shows. It deals with the committing of great evil in the service of greater good and unknowingly hurting those we love. In song.

But What Does It Sound Like?

Like getting a very thorough email from your ex that you know is leading up to something and you can't tell if it'll feel great or crush your soul.

Set Design for Sweet Nothings


The Offering/Tell Me - Purdy & Li
00:00 / 00:00

Aaron has found out Cassandra's about to be interviewed by a local radio host (Sam) for his human interest program. Afraid of losing her to this new man, he decides to up the stakes of the ritual and their awkward intimacy. (Cass doesn't like to be touched and only allows it to happen during the nightly offerings). The other voices represent the people of their community whom Cassandra believes she is helping with the offering. 
feat. Margo Seibert and Wilson Bridges

Routine - Purdy & Li
00:00 / 00:00

Routine is Sam's song as he enters Cass' house/homemade cookie shop. He is afraid he's been exploiting people's lives for his show and has rededicated himself to really learning about his subjects on a deeper level- starting with Cassandra.
feat. Xavier Cano

A Little More Light - Purdy & Li
00:00 / 00:00

After a fight with Aaron about Sam's presence in their lives, Cassandra runs upstairs to her living room, a room that has been left unused since the night Cass witnessed her own parents' death/suicide. She wonders if there is a way past the cycle of atonement and dedication towards the greater good, while struggling with her conflicting feelings of devotion to Aaron and fascination with Sam.
feat. Margo Seibert


Sara Jean Ford singing A Little More Light at 54 Below

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